Opal HL High Load

Opaque Extruded

Premium high loading, opaque soap noodles from vegetable origins. Used for the manufacture of luxury, high performance, extruded soap bars. Opal HL enables a higher load of fragrance & additives (up to 8%). This is the ideal base for premium cosmetic brands.

Opal HL High Load

Key Ingredients

Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palm Kernel Acid, Glycerine, Salt

Product Characteristics

  • Low odour for an even higher fragrance lift
  • Dense and luxurious lather, which feels distinctively different to our standard soap bases
  • Enables Ultra High Loads of fragrance & additives (far greater % than regular soap bases)
  • Superior cleansing properties
  • Excellent processing characteristics
  • Lower glycerin content to aid processing of increased additives
  • Vegetable-derived
    Note – Opal HL must be run with high additives, and at suitable temperature

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